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From the Founder -> Health Care Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities
The medical device industry has been rocked with an unprecedented set of challenges centered about the pending US National Health Care Plan.  This daunting uncertainty as well as the looming changes in regulatory and clinical study requirements, unclear reimbursement schedules, etc., forms a dynamic landscape where two central themes emerge: the need for manufacturers to significantly reduce cost and the need for better efficacy of treatment therapies for patients



Computational Modeling of Ardipithecus Ramidus: A Revolution in Evolution
The discovery of the 4.4 million year old Ardipithecus Ramidus (Ardi) was termed the “Most Significant Scientific Breakthrough” by the Journal of Science in 2009. The scientific effort t involved 15 years of research, 47 scientists and 9 nations and represented one of the largest collaborative efforts of its kind. LifeModeler is proud to be one of these scientific organizations, providing significant evidence to the mobility and social behavior of this fascinating creature. This ground-breaking work was featured on the Discovery Channel special “Discovering Ardi” in December 2009.



LifeMOD and the San Diego Padres.
See the ground-breaking work performed by our partner, Scripps Clinic in San Diego, in studying shoulder injuries for the San Diego Padres baseball team. Surgeons use LifeMOD to understand the mechanics of the particular patient’s shoulder injury before the operation.  They then “operate” virtually on the LifeMOD model before the surgery.  With this knowledge, surgeons have a very specific plan before surgery greatly improving surgical outcomes.



LifeMOD and Digital Orthopedic Surgery
The paradigm has changed.  With nearly a decade of success, medical device manufacturers have now institutionalized computational modeling into the design environment.  With powerful tools such as LifeMOD/KneeSIM and LifeMOD/SpineSIM, engineers are now able to consider literally millions of design variations in the same time it took to consider one physical experiment.   With this capability, engineers not only consider the impact of geometry, but the relationship between surgical placement errors and patient variations.  All at the same time! 


Shawn McGuan wins the Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award from the Orange County Busniess Journal
At then ninth annual Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards the Orange County Business Journal and the Ernst & Young accounting frim honored Shawn McGuan of LifeModeler, Inc. in San Clemente.



New Developments in LifeMOD/KneeSIM
 “I have worked in the area of total knee design since 1970. This the most remarkable tool for the evaluation of knee designs that I have ever seen. The scope of the activities and parameters you have studied would take years to perform on test machines, and here you have produced it in one piece of software.”
Peter Walker 
Research Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, New York University School of Medicine




LifeModeler celebrates its 10th year in business!
The staff at LifeModeler wishes to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all our customers and supporters.   We have always held ourselves to the highest level of discipline, ethical standards, and professionalism and you, our valued customers and supporters, have returned your appreciation with continued loyalty.  As we move forward, we can promise you the same level of commitment and dedication which defines LifeModeler as a true pioneer in the exciting field of human simulation!






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